Yumbo Batanero Casas is a leading brand in the sector, with years of experience and hundreds of satisfied customers who support us. With a presence in 35 countries in Europe, North America, and Africa and a development plan based on our usual values; PROFESSIONALISM, TRANSPARENCY, AND EFFICIENCY.

Airport Equipment Group Ltd has been selected to be our Canadian distributor as our brand fills an important market niche in the sectors of the airport, industrial and agricultural handling, offering a wide range of cargo products.

We want them to put us to the test in order to check the efficiency of our equipment, the engineering and technology of Yumbo Batanero Casas, the rapidity in budgets, and the competitiveness in prices. 


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Our Approach

The #AEGTeam is delighted to have a partnership with an established European, Spanish company and looks forward to assuring that we execute an energetic and informed service to our clients.

Our goals are to provide our clients with a wider range of high-quality equipment that is also economical and has a long life span for various aircraft applications. As well as providing an excellent and attentive aftercare service that leaves our clients feeling assured they are working with, not only equipment, but a team that will meet their needs.

Cargo Pallets

LD1, LD2 & LD3


*Front bearing turntable(fifth wheel) steering.
*Easy hand control stops ( LD2 container stops option)
*360 degree rotation turntable can stop at any 90 or 180 degree position.
*Foot pedal control turntable position pin, easy, efficient and less
maintenance design.
*Brake works when towbar is at freely down position, which increase much
the safety when the dolly is running
*Heavy duty 76mm dia. roller.
*Lead-in rollers at both ends ensure easily loading/unloading.
*E-shape spring loaded safe tow hitch.
*Heavy duty frame with high quality steel and flux core MIG welding.
*Easy maintenance jobs.
*Hot dip galvanizing.


*all dimensions, sizing and lengths vary and are dependant on chosen pallet(s)*



Side loading
10ft pallets
20ft pallets
40ft pallets
Slave pallets
Swivel castor beds
Pallet storage racks

Baggage Handling

   Open top trailer


Brochures on all options are available.

Reach out to our sales department to get your copy!