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AOG Service

We understand the losses that come with  having an aircraft out of service. To help we are available 24/7 for parts requirements.  Our 24 hour service can be contacted by phone to 437 345 2129. WhatsApp is available through this number meaning you can send us texts messages too.



We provide parts for everything from the tail of your aircraft to the nose for Airbus, Boeing and other regional aircraft fleet types as well as helicopters. We are affiliated with shipping companies that allow us to provide you with the best costs and transit times. Emergency part shipments is also an available option.


We are able to offer our customers the choice of being quoted AR parts and having them repaired. Certifications and repair history is provided. This allows you to review all options and chose the best one for your operations.  We are also able to bring in your parts for repairs, contact our sales team—



To maintain our transparency from our GSE to the parts we provide we provide pictures, lead-times, should there be one and consistent updates on your part(s) process. All relevant documentation and certifications for parts based on their condition are forwarded.

Aircraft's We Work With

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Advantages of Choosing AEG Parts Solutions

We understand how important and costly Maintenance and Service Plans are to aircraft owners. That is why we do our best to make things simple when it comes to procuring parts.  We understand what the most common structural and component damages are and why the come to be.

We keep in mind your situation and budget on a case by case basis. We then get to work on getting you NW, OH, AR and so on so you can choose the best option for your aircraft. Leasing and rental options are also available.