The Aviation Industry 2020

During this Covid-19 pandemic the aviation industry has had significant and fluctuating demand shocks as the community of airlines had to shut down their operations and ground their fleets.

What Now?

Some of the largest aircraft manufacturers' have recently published their efforts on the commencement of experimental additions to aircrafts to offer "self-sanitizing" lavatories.

How the #AEGTeam can Help

We have PPE and prevention products available for multiple applications- the ramp, cabin and even internal use for offices, airports, etc. We are providing certified and government approved PPE and prevention equipment for multiple applications.

With our units you will not have to worry about recalls, effectiveness. We have made the effort to have units and products available in various regions such as North America, South America and Europe to keep things local.

PPE & Preventative Equipment

UV Disinfection Lamp-AIER-1_floating

UV Anti-Virus Lamp

With Remote Control
Voltage: 220V/110V
Power: 36W
Irradiation area: Within 40m²
Size: 175 * 440mm
UV Startup delay: 20 seconds


Full Brochures available.

                              Frequent Flyer Wellness Package

The #AEGTeam is proud to offer ready-made kits to help all those in the airline industry, Globally, prioritize the health and safety of their flyers.

The kit consists of:
One single-use hand sanitizing gel package
One single-use cleansing wipe package
One face mask (as below)

The packaging that holds the single-use hand sanitizing gel and cleansing wipe will be the same in size. The packages can have a logo or image of your choosing printed onto the front, back, or both. Reach out to our sales department for details on quantities, shipping details, and more.

Don't forget! We also have a website chat feature available for your convenience on any quick questions you may have.


Ready to find out more?

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PPE, Nitrile Protective Gloves

With or without powder available

Other forms available:

                              PPE, Surgical Face Masks

Adjustable nose plate
3 ply

Other styles available:



PPE, Hand Sanitizing Gel

70% Ethanol Alcohol
Silver- curious about the facts on Silver?
Ask our #AEGTeam how it can aid effectiveness.