Closed Baggage Carts_Floating

Closed Baggage Carts

Length :  154”
Width:   60”
Height:  82”

4,000 lbs. with Standard Axle and Pneumatic Tires 5,000 lbs. with Torsion Axle and Solid Tires

Open Baggage Cart_Floating

Open Baggage Cart (towbar up)

144" L
65" W
25" H
8,000 lb. capacity


Cargo Dollies


Category: Cargo Dollies
Dimensions: L:135”, W:102” , H:20.5″ Weight: 2800 Lbs
Maximum load:
15000 lb (6803.89 kg)


Overall Dimensions:
695mmx1790mmx516mm(towbar down)
Carrying Capacity: 1,600kgs