Hobart JetEx-4D

Hobart Jetex 2

Voltage output: 28.5 volts DC

Capacity: adjustable 700 through 1300 amperes current limiting “Soft-Start” The current limiting system provides constant voltage up to a pre-selected current value at which time the voltage drops to maintain the selected inrush current desired for each aircraft or helicopter.

Current Rating: 530 amperes continuous at 28.5 volts.

Hobart JetEx-4D

28.5VDC.AC Hobart Alternator,
JTL28D2 - Oconee County-131015 Output,28.5VDC,
550 amp continuous
Peak Start Current capacity 2000amps
Adjustable soft start current limiter 0 to 2000 amps.
Engine: Diesel.

Hobart JetEx 6D

Hobart JetEx-5

28.5VoltDC ground power unit E\
ngine: Cummins B3.9Diesel,4cylinder turbo charged
Hobart A Certified alternator Output: 28.5Volts DC,800 Amp countinous, 2000amps starting.

Hobart JetEx 6D

28.5 volts DC output
600 amperes continuous rating at 28.5 VDC
2,000 amperes available for aircraft engine starting
Current limiting adjustable from 300 to 2,000 amperes
Line drop compensation assures proper voltage at aircraft plug

Hobart 90 KVA

Hobart 90 KVA

90KVA, 72KWAC. generator, 3phase, brushless 115/200Volt, 400Hz, 229amps. Continuous
Engine:Detroit Diesel4-71 Series.

Hobart 140 KVA

AC 140C17P

115/200 V AC, 400 Hz. 404 amp Continuous.
Engine:Cummins, Diesel, 6Cyl. Dual output


Libby AM32-60A

AC Power: 120/208, 75 Kva, 400 hz, 3 phase

Air/Pneumatic Capacity: 150 +/- 5lb./min at 49 +/-2 PSIA

DC Power Option: 28V, 200 Amp Continuous, 300Amp Max.

Libby AM32-60B

AC Power: 120/208, 75 Kva, 400 hz, 3 phase

Air/Pneumatic output: 130lbs/min at 50 PSIA; 1781 CFM + 59 CFM

DC power option: 28V, 500 amps continuous, 750 amps max