JBT CLT8_Floating

CLT-8 Loader/Transporter

Self-propelled, single platform container loader
Can lift, lower and transport LD-2/3 containers
Lower ground handling costs with single person operation
Narrow chassis provides ample room to operate around catering vehicles
Precise conveying on/off aircraft with Heliroll® conveying system
Safer and efficient interfacing with pre-selected height selection
Gull wing engine panels providing easy access to major servicing areas



JBT Ranger

Ranger can reach top speeds of up to 24 km/h (15 mph)
Front axle with leaf spring suspension providing a smooth ride
Easy maintenance access to major electrical and hydraulic service points
PLC controlled PDM with assisted diagnostics for troubleshooting and function adjustments
Models: Standard, Wide, Universal

JBT Commanders

Swing-out power module provides complete access to engine, hydraulic system and electrical box
PLC controls with onboard diagnostics reduces time to troubleshoot and test systems
Powered operator’s cab allows operator to simultaneously operate loader and aircraft controls
Solid rubber driver tires and bogy wheels eliminate flat tires
Models: Commander 15i, 30i, 40i, 60i