Why AEG Ltd?

The AEG team will always provide step by step, weekly updates to keep you in the loop and take into consideration your opinions. You don't like what you see? We'll figure out how to fix it without hurting your budget, no questions asked! We do our best to maintain transparency and make sure you're getting what your fleet needs to be productive.



Bringing equipment back to life is what we're best at-

We understand the pressure that comes with acquiring ground support equipment whilst maintaining your company's standards and assuring all safety requirements are met.

That is why we work with you and your budget. We'll take the time to discuss the best and most cost effective option for you and your team.




Creating a customized practical solution is what we're amazing at-

Our founder and owner has been coming up with creative and innovate solutions for decades- there are no problems, just solutions.

This mentality has been brought all the way to Canada, the outcome? Being able to say No Job it too Big for the AEG team- Give us your problem and we'll give you a solution!